Todd Memorial Boulder Garden

Lakeside is a place for remembrance. It is a place where families and friends can always go to remember and honor.  As the interest in cremation grows so does the desire for alternative interment options.  Lakeside Cemetery is proud to announce the opening of the Irving Todd Jr. Memorial Boulder Garden.

This landscaped garden is dotted with Minnesota quarried granite boulders and benches. Each boulder or bench is designed to accept one or two cremains. The boulders are scattered along paths in a lovely and peaceful garden setting. Bronze plaques provide name and date information.  There are also options to personalize the bronze plaques. We invite you to stop by to view the garden and learn more about our growing list of cremation interment options.

The prices listed below are inclusive and include the lot, the stone, set up, bronze name and date plaques, and opening and closing. Personalized bronze add-ons are not included in the price.

Price Reduction until October 15, 2019

Existing Inventory Only

Single Boulder    2960  Now $2220 (accepts one cremains)

Double Boulder  4,400  Now $3300 (accepts two cremains)

Bench                    5,975  Now $4481 (accepts two cremains)


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A place for remembrance.

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